Second Language Instructors' Perspectives about the Use of Educational Games

DEMİRBİLEK M. , Yilmaz E., Tamer S.

1st World Conference on Learning, Teaching and Administration (WCLTA), Cairo, Egypt, 29 - 31 October 2010, vol.9 identifier identifier


The aim of this research is to analyze second language instructors' perspectives about the use of educational games. A qualitative research design is utilized for analyzing the perspectives about educational games in second language learning at the graduate level. Data are collected through semi-constructed interviews. Participants consist of 11 instructors from the School of Foreign Language at a university located on the South West of Turkey. For data analysis, "Grounded Theory" method is conducted. Based on the data analyses, four categories that reflect the perspectives of foreign language instructors' are formed. The categories are "current situation", "usage", "game features" and "efficacy to lesson" respectively. Data analysis reveals that the use of computer games as an instructional support tool may affect the way how computer games are employed in the lectures, the features of the game, in-class hardware and software infrastructure, and the perception and attitudes of instructors and students towards the computer games.