Zemin ve Deprem Parametrelerinden İvme Azalım İlişkisi

Uyanık O., Ekin N., Çoşkun O.

Deu Muhendislik Fakultesi Fen ve Muhendislik, vol.23, no.68, pp.575-593, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


In this study, the value of the peak horizontal ground acceleration occurred in the earthquake and which is an important parameter for the engineering structures was estimated. Most of the researchers working on the peak horizontal ground acceleration value subject used only earthquake parameters and few used ground parameters in their empirical relationships. As known, the value of the peak horizontal ground acceleration varies depending on the properties of the ground. Therefore, a new multi-parameters attenuation relationship for peak horizontal acceleration was obtained by using both the dynamic parameters of the soil and the earthquake parameters. In this relationship, magnitude, period and source distance of the earthquake are used as earthquake parameters, and soil magnification, soil predominant period, weighted averages of P and S wave velocities for 30m depth (Vp30 and Vs30) are used as dynamic parameters of the ground. In this context, the data obtained from dynamic parameters of station ground and from results of 152 earthquake records of Mw=5.3-7.1 magnitudes obtained from different stations in the world were formed as data set. The empirical attenuation relationship developed within the scope of the study was compared with that of other researchers in the literature and a lower RMSE error was obtained.