A Study on Accessible Tourism Potentials of Göreme Open Air Museum

Kuş Şahin C., Evci A.

Avrupa Bilim ve Teknoloji Dergisi, vol.21, no.21, pp.147-153, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The Göreme Open Air Museum, which has hosted many civilizations throughout the history, has a worldwide reputation. This region is well known in terms of natural beauty and historical features. In this study, a total of 405 people from three target groups, who visited the region, were interviewed face to face with applying a standard questionnaire. As a result of the survey, the different groups visiting the area on their accessibility way in terms of tourism potential have been studied. From the findings, it was understood that most of the foreign tourists (15%) came from the United States. Tourists came to the region with the highest rate with tour operators. The foreign visitorshad reported the basic equipment and landscaping of the area to be higher than the local visitors and local people. National tourists and local people stated that the walking paths are very sloppy with many-steep lead to difficulties in reaching historical and cultural assets. As a result of the detailed examination and research carried out in the Göreme Open Air Museum and its near vicinity, which is on the UNESCO world cultural heritage conservation list, it was concluded that the existing regulations in the region should be reconsidered to review the accessibility of disabled individuals to the area and to make some new arrangements. Suggestrions were made to organize the area so that all visitors could benefit from it.