Trace and Rare Earth Element Geochemistry of Black Shales in Triassic Kasimlar Formation, Anamas-Akseki Platform, Western Taurids, Turkey

Kuscu M. , Ozsoy R., ÖZÇELİK O., ALTUNSOY M.

World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences symposium (WMESS), Prague, Czech Republic, 5 - 09 September 2016, vol.44 identifier identifier


The Triassic black shale sequence of Kasimlar Formation in the Anamas - Akseki Platform, Western Taurids, Turkey do not show any trace element enrichment. But trace element values of Black shales from the Kasimlar Formation are broadly comparable with those of the average upper continental crust. While there are slightly enrichments in As, Bi, Zn, Nb, Cu, Pb, Cs and Sb. The other elements are slightly depleted in black shales according to those of upper continental crust (UC). Organic carbon content of the black shales is between 0.05 and 0.71 % but reach 3.78 % (averaging as 0.52 %). The black shales do not show metal/TOC correlation. Compared to the black shales of Kasimlar Formation and upper continental crust; The black shales show a significant increase in HREE and LREE. Our data show slightly negative Ce anomalies (Ce/Ce* as low as 0.94) and positive Eu anomalies (Eu/Eu* as high as 3.33). Ce/Ce* and Eu/Eu* values recorded in the depositional environment indicate low oxygenated and anaerobic (reducing) conditions.