Deriving the nuclear shell model from first principles

Barrett B. R. , Dikmen E., Lisetskiy A. F. , Maris P., Shirokoy A. M. , Vary J. P.

11th International Spring Seminar on Nuclear Physics - Shell Model and Nuclear Structure - Achievements of the Past Two Decades, Ischia, Italy, 12 - 16 May 2014, vol.580 identifier identifier


A procedure for calculating microscopically the input for standard shell-model calculations, i.e., the core and single-particle energies plus the two-body effective model-space interactions, is presented and applied to nuclei at the start of the sd-shell. Calculations with the JISP16 and Idaho chi EFT (NLO)-L-3 nucleon-nucleon interactions are performed and yield consistent results, which also are similar to phenomenological results in the sd-shell as well as with other theoretical calculations, utilizing other techniques. All results show only a weak A-dependence.