The Conception of Philosophical Sciences in Aqkirmani's Tarifatul-Funun wa menakibu'l-musannifin

Toksoz H.

OSMANLI ARASTIRMALARI-THE JOURNAL OF OTTOMAN STUDIES, no.42, pp.177-205, 2013 (Journal Indexed in AHCI) identifier

  • Publication Type: Article / Article
  • Volume: Issue: 42
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • Page Numbers: pp.177-205


The purpose of this study is to analyze al-Aqkirmani's (d. 1760) conception of science within the framework of his book Tarifatu'l-funun wa menakibul-musannifin. al-Aqkirmani, a prominent 18th-century Ottoman scholar and qadi, wrote a number of books covering fields such as logic, philosophy, theology, hadith, and language. His most famous work which represents his philosophical and scientific view is Iklilut-Teracim. It has been observed that al-Aqkirmani verified and maintained the scientific mentality of "taksimirl-uliim" in the classical Islamic intellectual tradition with his wa menakibil-musannifin. The main source for al-Aqidrmani's book was Taskoprizade's Miftahu's-sa'ade wa misbahu's-siyade fu al-Aqkirmani provides information about a number of scientific books and their authors, as well as descriptions, concepts, and problems of various sciences. His method of systematic analysis begins with the linguistic sciences and continues with logic, hadith, tafsir, fiqh, and kalam. He divides philosophy into theoretical and practical spheres (alhikma nazariyya and al-hikma amaliyya), followed by an examination of theoretical sciences, including metaphysics, physics, and mathematics, followed by practical sciences, including ethics, economics, and politics. The Taritfatu'l-funun is a noteworth contribution to the the continuity of Ottoman intelectual and scientific tradition in the 8th century.