New physics signature in D-0((D)over-bar0)-> f effective width asymmetries

Delepine D., FAISEL G., Ramirez C. A.

EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C, vol.79, no.7, 2019 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


Violation of charge conjugation-parity (CP) symmetry plays a major rule in the dominance of matter in our universe. A kind of CP violation results from the asymmetry of the life time measured in M0 and M0, here M is a heavy meson, decays to final states which is referred in the literature as A Gamma f. In this paper, we give an estimation of the upper bound on |A Gamma f| for the Cabibbo Favored D0 -> K-pi+ decay process in different models. We show that in the standard model, |A Gamma f|less than or similar to O(10-10). Recently a bound on A Gamma f has been obtained: (A Gamma f)Exp.=(1.6 +/- 1)x10-4. This result motivates further studies on A Gamma f in beyond standard model physics. In the framework of two Higgs doublet model with generic Yukawa structure, we show that |A Gamma f|less than or similar to O(10-7) which is several orders of magnitude smaller than the current experimental value. Finally, in the framework of left-right symmetric models in which the mixing between the left and the right gauge bosons is allowed and the left-right symmetry is not manifest at unification scale, we find that A Gamma f can be as large as |A Gamma f|less than or similar to O(10-5) which is one order of magnitude smaller than the experimentally measured value by LHCb collaborators.