A constitutive formulation of arbitrary fiber-reinforced viscoelastic pieoelectric compsite materials-part one

Usal M. R.

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NONLINEAR SCIENCES AND NUMERICAL SIMULATION, vol.8, no.2, pp.257-274, 2007 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


Behaviors of viscoelastic and piezoelectric materials under electromechanical loading are systematically investigated in this study in the scope of continuum mechanics, where the material was brought to a composite state by two independent and non-expansive fiber families considered as topological objects. In this model no constraint was applied that would prevent realization of fiber reinforcement on molecular dimensions or on nano scale. In this regard in case a fiber distribution having a molecular chain structure is inserted into the matrix medium it can be suggested that the fibers would polarize the medium by changing the existing ionic distribution without any other effect. Matrix part of the object has a viscoelastic and piezoelectric anisotropy and, in addition to that, due to the fiber reinforcement, the object will wholly have an anisotropic. structure. In terms of behavior the object responds to the environment prompting it through elastic stress, dissipative stress and electrical polarization fields, whose constitutive equations have been obtained. While elastic stress and electrical polarization fields are derived from the thermodynamic potential, dissipative stress was formed as a tensorial function that depends on certain arguments.