Chemometric Determination of Coloring Agents Used in Drugs

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Ertokuş G., Metin H.

Medicinal & Analytical Chemistry International Journal, vol.1, no.5, pp.1-5, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The chemometric determination of titanium dioxide and indigotin in drug by the principal component regression (PCR) was performed with spectrophotometric method. Chemometric methods are used in spectral data analysis of mixtures containing two or more compounds. With chemometric techniques, even complex systems are allowed to be analyzed spectrophotometrically as is without any pre-separation process. In this study, an alternative, lower cost and more reliable method has been developed in chemometric analysis of the colorants used in drugs. The investigation of the accuracy and repeatability of the two methods resulted in high recovery rates and lower standard deviation values. Achieving high recovery rates and lower standard deviation values, this study encouraged us to proceed further in drug analysis. The proposed methods are highly sensitive and precise as they have been successfully applied to quantify active substances in pharmaceutical samples.