Schottky barrier height dependence on the metal work function for p-type Si Schottky diodes


ZEITSCHRIFT FUR NATURFORSCHUNG SECTION A-A JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL SCIENCES, vol.59, no.11, pp.795-798, 2004 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


We investigated Schottky barrier diodes of 9 metals (Mn, Cd, Al, Bi, Ph, Sn, Sb, Fe, and Ni) having different metal work functions to p-type Si using current-voltage characteristics. Most Schottky contacts show good characteristics with an ideality factor range from 1.057 to 1.831. Based on our measurements for p-type Si, the barrier heights and metal work functions show a linear relationship of current-voltage characteristics at room temperature with a slope (S = phi(b)/phi(m)) of 0.162, even though the Fermi level is partially pinned. From this linear dependency, the density of interface states was determined to be about 4.5.10(13) I/eV per cm(2), and the average pinning position of the Fermi level as 0.661 eV below the conduction band.