Fenolik İçerikli Efervesan Tablet Üretimi

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Yiğitarslan S., Çetebozan S.

International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Technology (IJLRET), vol.07, no.10, pp.1-17, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Currently, the individual needs a high immune system in order to fight against increasing diseases and/or epidemics. Macro, micro and functional foods that should be taken in the daily diet may be insufficient owing to various reasons. Therefore, the importance of the use of food supplements and functional foods which are recommended by experts has been increasing in recent years. In this study, effervescent tablet prototypes that support the immune system of the individual, which different antioxidant source (turmeric, cinnamon and pomegranate peel) and sodium-caseinate combinations,were produced with the aid of the Box-Behnken experimental design.Also some of the properties including dissolution time, pH, total acidity, density and viscosity, andamounts of phenolics, dry matter, sugar were optimized by means of Design Expert program.As a result, it was concluded that the combinations of parametersstudied had a remarkable effect on the dissolution time and phenolic content, wheres they did not have significant effect on other properties.