Development of Self-Cleaning Denim Fabrics

Ugur S. S. , Sarnsik A. M. , Cavuslar E., Ertek M.

17th World Textile Conference of the Association-of-Universities-for-Textiles (AUTEX) - Shaping the Future of Textiles, Greece, 29 - 31 May 2017, vol.254 identifier identifier


Denim fabrics coated with TiO2 nanolayers for self-cleaning properties by using a continuous layer-by-layer method. Nanolayer coated denim fabrics washed with an enzyme process for aging affect. Fabrics were analyzed with SEM-EDX and XPS measurements. Selfcleaning properties of the nanolayer deposited denim fabrics were tested according to red wine stain against to Suntest visible light irradiation after 72 h. And also, some physical (air permeability, tensile strength) and color (color difference and rubbing fastness) properties were evaluated.