A Study on Circassian Exile Monument and Memorial Park in Göksun-Turkiye

Kuş Şahin C., Bayazıt Solak E.

European Journal of Science and Technology, vol.41, no.1, pp.150-155, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Memorial parks are the places where religion, philosophy and arts are important for visitors, explains identity of the places. However, successfully design memorial parks are ones that are lively and well-used by people. Human benefits and enjoyment are basic requirements in creating successful places in open spaces. These special fields are often empty of people or if used, have significant conflicts between different user groups. Circassians celebrate the day when the Circassian deportation was launched 21 May every year, as mourning commemorating the Circassian genocide. This study is to evaluate Circassian exile memorial park opened at 5 June 2021 in Fındık neighborhood of Göksun district of Kahramanmaraş Province in Türkiye. The assessment was made with theoretical and methodological principles, in particular, to make memorial park evaluations. It is considered as a sequence of activities that make up the concept design. In study field, constructed monument and memorial park, which take shape according to Circassian exile, dynamics of the historical process in which they were realized. It is typically reflecting the identity of event and time in a symbolic language, are the visual expression to visitors of the knowledge and memory between the past and the future. The site found to be guided to interest focal points and areas by successions of used design materials, completed by color and shapes of elements.