Elektromanyetik İndüklenmiş Saydamlık-Benzeri Metamalzeme Tasarımı ve İletim Penceresinin Dielektrik Küp Yüklemeleriyle Ayarlanması


Elektrik-Elektronik ve Biyomedikal Mühendisliği Konferansı, Bursa, Turkey, 26 - 28 November 2020 identifier identifier


In this study metamaterial structures electromagnetically induced transparency-like metamaterial A (EIT-MM-A) and electromagnetically induced transparency-like metamaterial B (EIT-MM-B) have been designed in two dgerent topologies which are rectangular and circular by using closed ring resonator (CRR) and electric resonator (ER) together and coplanar which show electromagnetically induced transparency-like behavior. In each topology, identical dielectric cubes have been placed on the gaps of the ER resonators and the tunability of transmission window has been investigated in simulations. For this purpose, the relative permittivity values of the dielectric cubes placed on the splits of EIT-MM-A and EIT-MM-B structures have been changed parametrically from I to 5 and the spectral shills of the transmission windows have been observed. The proposed EIT-MM-A and EIT-MM-B structures have presented 96.8% and 94.2% transmission rates, respectively on the transmission maxima. The proposed structures are thought to be good candidates for possible sensor applications with these performances.