Quality of raisins under different packaging and storage conditions

AKEV K., Koyuncu M. A. , Erbas D.

JOURNAL OF HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE & BIOTECHNOLOGY, vol.93, no.1, pp.107-112, 2018 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


We determined the effect of different storage systems and packaging on the quality of Sultana Seedless' raisins. The fruit were packed in plastic boxes and kept under controlled atmosphere (1% O-2 and 3% CO2) at 0 degrees C and 75-85% RH for 12 months (CA), packed in vacuum bags and kept under normal atmosphere (21% O-2-0.03% CO2) (NA) and packed in thin plastic bags + carton boxes and kept under ambient condition (semi-refrigeration), at 0 degrees C and 90% +/- 5 RH for 12 months (AC). Fruit kept under CA or NA had acceptable fruit quality in terms of general appearance and taste for 10 months, whereas fruit quality was unacceptable at that time under AC. Fruit under NA had less weight loss than fruit under the other conditions. Differences in skin colour were relatively small, apart from the h degrees values. Concentrations of ochratoxin A were generally higher with AC. External appearance and taste were better with CA and NA. As a result, raisins can be stored for 10 months with good quality in vacuum package in NA (0 degrees C and 90% +/- 5 RH) and CA (1% O-2-3% CO2) at 0 degrees C and 75-85% RH.