Thoughts of The Community on Care Provided By Different Generations of Nurses

Arda Sürücü H., Baksi A., Can A.

MAS Journal of Applied Sciences , vol.7, no.4, pp.838-846, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The objective of this research is to examine the thoughts of the community regarding care provided by different generations of nurses. It is a descriptive research. The research sample consisted of 500 individuals over the age of 18.  Average age of inviduals included in the research sample was 30.48 (±8.76). The participant profile was 53.2% male, 47.4% graduate, 39.6% self-employed and 80% lived in the city center. The results revealed that 75% of  generation Y participants “maintained higher quality care”, 72.6% “were more hygienic in care”, 62.4% “complied with the ethical principles”, 61.4% “informed the patients before the interventions”, 56.8% “managed the time better”, 55% “had a better command of theoretical knowledge”, 53% “were more careful and conscious in drug applications”, 82.2% “used more technology in nursing care” and 84.6% “were more willing to work”. Moreover, the results revealed that 59.2% of  generation X nurses “provided better care training to family members” and 49.4% “were more succesful in transferring the theoretical knowledge to practice”. Generation Y is more successful in several steps of nursing care process than other generations. Considering the expectations of the society, nursing education and curriculum and in-house business planning which generation of nurses should be considered.